How the Average Prayer in a Mosque, Calls for Hatred of Jews and Christians

Ali bin Hassan al-Halabi

This Palestinian Sheikh, in Jordan, studied under ibn Baz. He explains a very common matter regarding the prayer in Mosque.

Q: What is the rule for asking God, in prayer, and mentioning the Jews and Christians?  I heard from some Christian friends that they like to listen to the Friday sermon, but they feel insulted when they hear the words against them.

A: I say my brothers that supplication (or praying to Allah) against the Kuffar (Infidels) is without a doubt mentioned in the Sunnah and the prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, used to supplicate against Reil and Ghazwan who were two of the Kuffar tribes at that time and the companions of the prophet may God be pleased with them in the second half of Ramadan used to increase in their prayers supplication to the Muslims and against the Kuffar, but this matter might need some political wisdom in some situations and places and times, for example you might be in an area that has many Christians and there might be a call to Islam to some of these Christians or to bring them closer or scare them or even some Jews in some situations although they are the brothers of the monkeys and pigs as Aisha said and the prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, agreed with her but we still hear that some of them had converted to Islam and some of them had repented and became good Muslims thanks be to God.

So it could be that your supplication against the Kuffar in totality would include them too, but to rule a prohibition against saying the supplication against them, would oppose what we say in every bowing in our prayers, “except those who angered you and not those who strayed” (a verse in Al Fatiha that is read in every prayer)

Who are they?, the Jews and the Christians, as our Prophet , peace and prayers be upon him, told us, but as we said we might chose some pronunciations in some circumstances as it relates to the call to Islam and from a theological political point of view and to draw some of their hearts that might be positively influenced by what it hears or what is told to it as truth. (In other words we might lie, or deceive by omission)


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