Ibrahim Issa shows the salafi wahabi foundation of ISIS

Ibrahim Issa: What is he saying? What is he praying for?

Chant: We pray to you God the Honor, victory and strength to our mujahedin brothers in Yemen, the Levant, Iraq and every where else O God of all people. O God make them victorious against the athiest Rafida (Shia), O God make them victorious against the athiest Rafida (Shia), and make them victorious against the traitor Jews and the vengeful Christians and against the hypocrites that are among them. O God make them victorious, make them victorious and help and make them strong, O God gather their opinion and ……

Ibrahim Issa: The Shia, the Jews and the Christians, and then you ask why was a mosque in Najran (Saudi) blown up, a mosque for the Shia in Saudi? There it is, and the whole world is their enemy, the whole world is the enemy of the Salafis, they are the only saved group, they are the only Muslims, the Salafi Wahabi. And all the people are enemies and may God give us victory against them, the Shia and the Jews and the Christians, we are going to kill them all and we will wage Jihad against all of them. I am saying that we are talking about Muslims, and we are talking about Christians and Jews in a very normal way.

It is not even the US coalition that they are a part of, no no. and then we ask ourselves after all that, How was ISIS created?

Are you stupid?

How was ISIS created?

And as simple as that they say we are going to fight terrorism.

Fight terrorism?

Who are you making a fool of?

You are terrorism itself, you are terrorism….

lets take a break!



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