Ibrahim Issa comments on Islam, ISIS and the bombing of the shiite Mosque in Najran

….and the matter remains at the end of the day is to listen and hear what the Imam at the Great Mosque in Mecca says and what he prays for
(Voice of Imam supplications )
“ We asked you God for honor, victory and strength to our Mujahedin brothers in Yemen, in the Levant and in Iraq and everywhere else O lord of all people,
Dear God may you grant them victory over the rejectionist atheists (shia), (3 times), and grant them victory over the traitor Jews,
and the hateful Christians and
over the hypocrites,
O lord do grant them victory,
O lord do grant them victory and
assist them and grant them strength,
O lord do gather them on one opinion ……

…the rejectionists, the Jews and the Christians and after all that you are surprised a mosque was blown up in Najran (Saudi)……??

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