Muhammad’s Revelation of ISIS

Host name : Waseem Yousef / Saudi Arabia


حدثنا الوليد ورشدين عن ابن لهيعة عن أبي قبيل عن أبي رومان عن علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه قال إذا رأيتم الرايات السود فالزموا الأرض فلا تحركوا أيديكم ولا

أرجلكم ثم يظهر قوم ضعفاء لا يؤبه لهم قلوبهم كزبر الحديد هم أصحاب الدولة لا يفون بعهد ولا ميثاق يدعون إلى الحق وليسوا من أهله أسماؤهم الكنى ونسبتهم القرى وشعورهم مرخاة كشعور النساء حتى يختلفوا فيما بينهم ثم يؤتي الله الحق من يشاء.

كتاب الفتن (ص 120) source the book of sedition

المؤلف: نعيم بن حماد المروزي author: Naiem bin Hamad Almarouzi

الوصله: Link

توفي سنة (228هجري) (843 م) died 228 H/ 843 AD

Al Waleed and Rashdeen narrated to us from Ibn Lahiah from Abi Qubail from Abi Roman from Ali Ibn Ibi Talib may God be pleased with him, he said

“ if you see the black guidon (flags) then stick to the ground and don’t move your hands nor your legs, then there will appear a weak group of people that no one will pay attention to, their hearts are hard as steel they are the owners of the State (Al Dawlah) they don’t meet a covenant nor an agreement,

they call for justice but they are not just,

their names are nicknames, and their lineage is their villages and their hair is relaxed on their shoulders just like womens hair until they disagree among themselves and then God will grant the truth to whomever he wants”


The host of this TV show begins by saying that he will be talking about ISIS, and that there is a Hadith that is weak but nonetheless it is narrated by Ali Ibn Abi Talib the prophet Mohammad’s cousin.

This Hadith is a prophecy that talks about a group of people that matches the group today that we call ISIS.

The Hadith was criticized by many scholars as being weak and is not narrated as was told by Muhammad, but due to the prophecy that the Hadith narrated and since Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the Narrator was not a prophet and does not tell the future, the assumption would be that he heard this from the prophet Muhammad but stopped short from affirming that he heard it directly from the Prophet. Noneheless, the Hadith has merit and it describes the conditions that ISIS created today.


The video also has a list of weird rules that ISIS enforces on the residents that live in the Land of “Khilafah” and these rules amount to calling for justice that is not just.

Some of these rules include:

  • women are prohibited from wearing Jeans and a shirt, and must be covered by Burqa
  • No smoking at all
  • closing all men barber shops and prohibiting short hair cuts for men
  • prohibiting girls from sitting on chairs
  • and many other ridiculous rules.
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