Ibn Taymiyyah

Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah known as Ibn Taymiyyah (22 January 1263 – 26 September 1328) was an Islamic scholar, theologian and logician. He lived during the troubled times of the Mongol invasions, much of the time in Damascus. He was a member of the school founded by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and is considered by his followers, along with Ibn Qudamah, as one of the two most significant proponents of Hanbalism.

In the modern era, his adherents often refer to the two as “the two sheikhs” and Ibn Taymiyyah in particular as “Sheikh ul-Islam”. Ibn Taymiyyah sought the return of Sunni Islam to what he viewed as earlier interpretations of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and is considered to have had considerable influence in contemporary Wahhabism, Salafism, and Jihadism. He is renowned for his fatwa issued against the Mongol rulers declaring jihad by Muslims against them compulsory, on the grounds that they did not follow Sharia and as such were not Muslim, their claims to have converted to Islam notwithstanding. His teachings had a profound influence on Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and other later Wahabi scholars. Throughout his lifetime, Ibn Taymiyyah was never married.


تقي الدين احمد ابن تيميه والمعروف باسم ابن تيميه (22/1/1263-26/9/1328) وهو عالم اسلامي ورجل ديني ومنطقي. عاش في وقت مضطرب ابان غزو المغول لدمشق وما حولها. كان من المدرسه التي اسسها احمد ابن حمبل ويعد احد ابرز تلاميذه هو وزميله ابن قدامه الذان كانا من اشد معارضي المذهب الحنبلي.

في وقتنا الحاضر, يسمونهم اتباعهم بالشيخين وابن تيميه بالتحديد “شيخ الاسلام”. عمد ابن تيميه الى عودة الاسلام السني الى ما ارتآه هو لتفسيره للقرآن والسنه, ويعتقد انه له التاثير الواضح والكبير على الفكر الوهابي والسلفي والجهادي اليوم. اشتهر ابن تيميه بعد فتواه ضد حكام المغول بقوله ان جهاد المسلمين ضدهم هو فرض عين (فرض) بسبب انهم لم يتبعوا الشريعه الاسلاميه وهذا يخرجهم من المله بغض النظر عن اظهارهم للاسلام. اثرت تعاليمه تاثيرا كبيرا على محمد ابن عبد الوهاب ومن بعده من علماء الوهابيه. لم يتزوج ابن تيميه ولا مره في حياته.

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