A Muslim Brotherhood President talks to Al Qaeda on the phone

Translation of information from youtube video, allegedly presenting evidence of intercepted phone calls by the former President Morsi in his upcoming trial.

Summary of 8 phone calls between former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi and Terrorist Ayman al Zawahiri

Allegedly, these calls were picked up by secret military intelligence monitors

1- October 1, 2012 (permitting killing of Egyptian soldiers in Rafah)

Zawahiri tells Morsi not to worry about the spilled blood of the Egyptian soldiers that were killed in Rafah (26 Egytian soldiers killed), and orders Morsi to memorize the Islamic Aqidah (creed) well.
Zawahiri tells Morsi, “the Egyptian army must become ours where all our personnel would be trained by it
Morsi tells Zawahiri “we are working on forming an army that will consist of trainees, Jihadis and Islamists that would be under our control

2- December 9, 2012 (conspiring against the Gulf countries)

Morsi and Zawahiri agreed to limit the influence of the Gulf states in the region, even if it benefits Iran.
After Morsi was deposed, the Saudi king Abdullah in a speech said “God had saved Egypt and all Arabs from a conspiracy that he only knew”

3-December 28, 2012 (conspiring on Al Azhar)

Zawahiri requested that Morsi apoint Hazem Salah Abu Ismail as vice president
Zawahiri requested that Khairat el-Shater be appointed as the emir to the faction of Mujahedin
Zawahir requested that Morsi limit the movement of the Salafi groups in the country because they serve foreign interests
Morsi responds “we are using the Salafis temporarily for our support, once we are done with them, they will be expelled and returned to jail and that will be very soon
Zawahiri requested the arrest the Al Azhar sheikh and to close the institution due to its variance on Islam.

4-January 12, 2013 (conspiring against the church)

Zawahiri told Morsi, church construction should be stopped and Coptics must pay the Jizyah, and if they want to live in peace then they should not have any requests
Zawahiri told Morsi “you will govern for hundreds of years and you must implement the experience of Pakistan, and Afghanistan in Egypt

5-January 12, 2013 ((on the media organizations)

Morsi told Zawahiri “ we have issued orders to subdue this group and we are issuing new laws to limit their freedoms, and we will close these channels soon and replace it with new Islamic media centers, and we have set aside a huge budget granted to us by the international movement of the Muslim Brotherhood to create Islamic media and Jihadi centers that will teach Islam and instigate Jihad and there will be a TV station dedicated to you and your men that you will be able to operate from Afghanistan to teach the youth of Muslim brotherhood.

6-January 20, 2013 (releasing the terrorists from jail)

Zawahiri ordered Morsi to release all terrorists that were convicted with crimes against the Egyptian people and he said “ our men are to be credited for you being outside the jails, so your support to us is a duty and our requests are small. Release all Al Qaeda prisoners from Al Aqrab prison and others, and you must support us with money and arms in Libya, Yemen and Sinai, and some money should be dedicated to the Mujahedin and their families in Sinai

7- February 11, 2013 (regarding Omar Abdel-Rahman )

Zawahiri told Morsi to demand the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman (Blind Sheikh) and pressure the US to do so, Morsi responds by “I of course agree to this”
After this call Morsi made phone calls with some US officials and offered the US through his representative to increase the UN contingency monitoring the peace in Sinai and to dedicate several hundred kilometers in Sinai to settle Palestinians coming from Gaza

8-April 12, 2013 (threatening call and refraining from apology)

Zawahiri moved from giving orders to using threats
This call came after the incident of burning a cathedral in Egypt
Zawahiri told Morsi, we talked to our brothers in the different groups and we monitored what some Christians and their supporters did, we considered “talk about making up with them”, is an insult to all Muslims and they (Christians) should leave this land.
Zawahiri told Morsi, if you give any apology, we will carry out attacks against churches in Egypt as a response. Morsi was quiet for a moment and said, the presidency did not do anything wrong to apologize for, and the Coptics are a minority and the right that they have is to live peacefully.

9- May 15, 2013 (conspiring against the judiciary branch)

Zawahiri told Morsi, you must eliminate the judiciary branch, and you must implement the Hudud such as whipping and death and others
Morsi responds, I am ready to purify all branches of the government

July 2013, President Morsi is removed from office and arrested.

Perhaps, the secret evidence listed above, is why the USA had so much trouble, knowing what to do when Morsi was arrested, since the “Muslim Brotherhood” government may have been colluding with Al Qaeda, and simply replacing Morsi would not be a guarantee, that a future Muslim Brotherhood president, would not do the same thing.

قد تكون هذا الدليل السري هو سبب تخبط امريكا بعد اعتقال محمد مرسي. اذا تآمر الاخوان المسلمون مع القاعده فان استبدال مرسي بمرشح اخر من الاخوان المسلمين قد ياتي بنفس النتائج مره اخرى.

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