Ten Problems with Anwar al-Awlaki Authenticity

1. Osama bin Laden did not know who Anwar al-Awlaki was, therefore it is unlikely he assisted with the 911 attacks.

2. Anwar al-Awlaki came back to the USA to meet with Ali Al-Tamimi in a highly suspicious manner that implies Awlaki may have been targeting Al-Tamimi rather than conspiring with him.

3. According to Jeremy Scahill’s book, “Dirty Wars” John Negroponte, DNI, compelled Ali Saleh, the president of Yemen, to lock Anwar al-Awlaki in prison. The problem is that America does not typically lock up US citizens by word of mouth to a head of state. Documents that can be requested later by reporters are usually involved. One exception could be, the reason alluded to in regard to Negroponte’s job change during the Bush administration. Reportedly, Negroponte did not want to be a part of operations that exist between different countries. Yet, despite his initiation of the Awlaki project, it appears he did not see it through.

4. Anwar al-Awlaki’s blog contained a suggestion to kill people on January 2009 and it was publicly available prior to the Nidal Hasan shooting. Nidal Hasan executed American soldiers in November 2009. Prior to the shooting the FBI was investigating Anwar al-Awlaki, yet, a personal contact with Major Nidal Hasan, was not deemed to be worthy of an investigation. If the original intent of Negroponte was to keep people away from speaking with Awlaki because his lectures and instructions led to violence, why did that very old news, not reach the FBI agents who did not investigate Major Hasan prior to his committing “fratricide”. Even his co-workers discussed among themselves that they feared Major Hasan would commit fratricide, but no FBI agent showed up to interview them, prior to the attack, even though fellow agents urged them multiple times to do just that.

5. In March, 2010 Awlaki released a speech that was a virtual message to America. In that speech Awlaki complained that the American President had not released his emails. However, Awlaki clearly could have released his own emails. Awlaki did not do this. In an almost surreal manner, it appeared that Awlaki was asking for the release rather than commanding it or doing it himself. This produced the strange appearance (though impossible) that perhaps Awlaki thought he was working for the American President. This could only be possible if an impostor had informed him of this untruth.

6. According the book, “Objective Troy” by Scott Shane, Awlaki was upset by search warrants served on Muslims after the 911 attack, but he informed his brother that he intended to stay in America. Then in an abrupt decision, he decided to leave, allegedly because of a “file” of information about his use of prostitutes. By this time, Awlaki’s arrests in San Diego were a matter of public record and Awlaki’s close contact with the targets of search warrants would have given him an excellent protection as a witness. In fact, it defies reality that Awlaki was not called upon to assist in the post 911 searches. After all, in a post 911 situation, who would put prostitution above investigation of terrorism ? Quite likely, no one would, yet Awlaki’s prime bargaining chip appears not to have been cashed in.

7. Awlaki published a blog on the internet and in one of the posts, he recounted a meal of pinto beans, that he enjoyed while in a Yemen prison. The problem with this blog post, is that pinto beans, are nowhere to be found in the Middle East except perhaps in a food import store that caters to Americans and Mexicans. While pinto beans are common fare in old western movies and television depictions of American jail cells because they grow in the Southwest United States, they would be considered a delicacy in the Middle East and certainly would not be served in a prison. Clearly this post was a fabrication which begs the question, how many other stories of his real life, were fabrications as well ?

8. Awlaki is believed to be the AQAP leader that orchestrated the Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab bomb attempt as well as the Saudi-infiltrated printer bomb fiasco. Both events were failures. In the first event, Omar’s bomb was destined never to explode because a Chemistry expert had written years earlier that such bombs were really just for movies and not real life. In the second event, Saudi Arabia had complete command of the situation and provided a tracking number for the bomb shipment, leading one to wonder just how deep AQAP is infiltrated by KSA and whether Awlaki was perhaps always a part of that infiltration in the first place.

9. Awlaki was killed after several missed drone attacks. This is surprising, given the accuracy of this weaponry. But it is notable that after evading attack, Awlaki’s standing in AQAP rose to a level of high importance, especially when the drone missed, mere days, right after bin Laden’s death.

10. Inspire Magazine was published before and after Awlaki died. This reveals that Inspire magazine always was a team effort by a group of people for whom, Awlaki’s existence was irrelevant.

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