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Ibrahim Issa points out hatred in the Great Mosque in Mecca

begin at 8:35 ….and the matter remains at the end of the day is to listen and hear what the Imam at the Great Mosque in Mecca says and what he prays for (Voice of Imam supplications

How the Average Prayer in a Mosque, Calls for Hatred of Jews and Christians

Ali bin Hassan al-Halabi This Palestinian Sheikh, in Jordan, studied under ibn Baz. He explains a very common matter regarding the prayer in Mosque. Q: What is the rule for asking God, in prayer, and mentioning the

The Lies of Hamza Tzorzis

This Hamza Tzortzis video is an excellent example of the “Soft Jihad”. The Soft Jihad, is propaganda that increases social and civil tension in the minds of Muslims based on storytelling. The intent is to increase feelings

Soft Jihad – the cleansing of Islam

Many online youtube videos appear to have a dedicated Muslim audience. But the count of views on a video can be deceiving if they were simply purchased from click-farms. A click farm is a business, usually in